WiP Exhibition- Unit 35

As part of SP4 we had to take part in ‘external projects’ which were projects away from the studio or directly related to the course. We got the opportunity to put on a ‘work in progress exhibition’ in the piazza centre, a busy outdoor shopping mall, in which I decided to become part of the committee. I took part in roles like organising a rota, talking to the council, being a key holder, painting and cleaning, curating the exhibition and so on. The exhibition was a huge success and I am very proud of the outcome. I decided to set up an installation at the exhibition to showcase my work, I felt my work didn’t fit in with the conventional hang and display format due to me wanting to keep true to how I think my work purely belongs, on the internet, however I still wanted to create something exciting and engaging to look at. I also painted the walls black that was surrounding my work when the rest of the exhibition was white to show the theme of alternate reality that I am focusing on in my artwork. I displayed hundreds of pieces of my artwork (over 400!) in a small space much like how I find the secondary sourced imagery that I use in my collages on instagram. I did this by printing all of my edits at A5 size and plastering them all over one of the walls in my installation, much like a poster wall. I found it interesting to note that many of these celebrities in my collages would be very much used to being pictured for posters. I also had my magazine in the installation and encouraged people to pick it up and look through it, just like how you would look through a magazine featuring celebrities too. In the installation I showed my exploration into the theme of costume and masks by putting the actual canvas faces on to a table top rather than on the wall so people could pick them up and hold the face over their own. I also included gloves and a full hazmat suit to show the theme of the celebrities trying to cover up their true identity and who they are. The thought bubbles on the wall were originally just to symbolise everything I was feeling and showing this was my feelings on the subject matters I was exploring but afterwards when I was in the instillation they also reminded me of clouds which I felt was interesting as clouds can be seen to represent clear thinking and conscience which I think works very nicely with my project.